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Wallpaper: when to commit?

I’ve never been a huge fan of wallpaper, especially in my own property. I’ve got so many pictures, frames and wall hangings that I’ve always felt that adding wallpaper would make everything too ‘busy’ and take focus away from the other wall features. However, wallpaper is huge right now! Gone are the days of flocked, raised and thickly textured papers covering every inch of surface (even the ceilings in some houses!) to be replaced with so much more variety and wallpaper trends to suit all palates… even my sceptical one. So here’s some wallpaper trends I can get on board with, and some tips for how to use wallpaper in your own house.

Botanical wallpaper – bring the outdoors in

Botanical wallpaper

Plants, succulents, flower beds, potted plants and bushes – I can’t get enough! Some might even say I’m obsessed. But if you don’t have the space for lots of big weave baskets filled with ferns indoors, why not use a botanical printed wallpaper to bring that sense of nature and greenery into your home? Use it sparingly, on a feature wall or in a small space and keep everything else in the room pared back to let the wallpaper do the talking.

Wallpaper for Children’s Rooms

This Is a personal favourite of mine and I loved picking out prints for my boys’ bedroom. Children’s bedrooms can be more playful, they don’t need to be as carefully matched as other spaces in your home, and you can really go for it – more is more in a children’s room! My top tip would be to accept that this is a short term commitment which you’re likely going to want to change as they get older, but just have fun with it while they are young!

Wallpaper with large-scale murals

These can look incredible, but you need a big space to pull it off. Think dreamy forest-scapes and faraway mountain-tops to add depth and drama to a room

Treat it like a piece of art

If you’ve got a big space to fill and you’ve been looking for that perfect print or large-scale work of art to make it impact – why not consider wallpaper? At a fraction of the cost of an abstract piece of art, you can make an entire wall your art feature. Think watercolour wall murals, dip-dyed colours, dramatic flocked prints and hand-drawn detailing. With a big enough space, go bold with this one.

Nothing is forever - removable wallpaper

One for the indecisive in us and something I discovered recently is removable wallpaper – especially handy when thinking about decorating kids’ rooms. With this wallpaper you can simply peel it on and off as and when you want to remove or move it from one space or another – genius!

Maybe it's living through the 80's and seeing how badly wallpaper can be done, but it's taken a long time for me to come around to the trend now it's been revived. But, in putting this post together it's clear to see that there's lots to now like about wallpaper and plenty of choice out there so you don't just have to get stuck with something old-fashioned and drab! I might take a bit of my own advice here and add a botanical print to my bedroom. If I can do it so can you!

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